Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair
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Coronavirus – business as usual

There is worldwide concern regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus and how individuals and businesses should respond to the potential spread and threat of this.

Harrogate International Nursery Fair takes this threat seriously and has referred to current government guidelines on management of the virus (see here).

In response to this, it advises exhibitors and visitors of the 2020 show, which takes place at the Harrogate Convention Centre from 29th to 31st March, that it is currently business as usual and the show will take place as planned. We will be monitoring the government’s advice continually between now and the show and will keep participants informed should the situation change.

Whilst taking sensible precautions to protect and help ensure the health and safety of everyone involved (see below), we believe that it is important to keep business as normal as possible and looking beyond to the future.

  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds with antibacterial soap) and particularly after using the toilet
  • There will be dispensers of hand sanitizer provided within the halls of the Harrogate Convention Centre – please use these when leaving and entering the building
  • Reduce where possible skin to skin contact with other show participants – avoid hand shaking and kissing when greeting – everyone is in the same boat this year and won’t be offended!
  • If you cough or sneeze (even if you are perfectly well) ensure you cover your face when doing so to prevent the spread of germs to others

We will keep the industry updated on the show’s website – www.nurseryfair.com

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