Sunday 25th to
Tuesday 27th March 2018
Harrogate International Centre
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Seminar Programme 2017

Be in the know about industry topics

The Baby Products Association is once again working with leading industry experts to deliver an informative seminar programme on pertinent industry subjects at Harrogate International Nursery Fair in March.

Leading market research company GfK – which will explain the latest consumer trends giving retailers a heads up as to what type of products are likely to sell best, which brands are favourites and how much parents are prepared to spend on specific product ranges.

Media planning company Generation Media, which has carried out extensive research on mums’ engagement habits with all forms of media, will explain how best to target brand messages to get the best results from marketing budgets. Also, anyone planning to launch a brand new product or innovation to market, should not miss the presentation by intellectual property expert Sara Ludlam of law firm 3Volution. She will explain the ins and outs of protecting your design, whether to patent or trade mark and how to proceed from product design to launch with the minimal expenditure.

For more information please contact Christine Scippo - or call 01525 374020.

The Seminar Theatre - Hall M

Tuesday 28th March 2017

12.00 pm   Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams — GfK

Finding value: How can brands maximise opportunities in retail?

The number of touchpoints between brands and consumers is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Consumers are seeking richer retail experiences, rather than simply acquiring new products. There is also an intense competition for loyalty.

We'll be asking how manufacturers and retailers can use changing touchpoints to engage with nursery consumers and help build value into their businesses.

2.00 pm  

Nadia Khaldi – Generation Media

Nadia Khaldi

Generation Media's Mums Segmentation

Generation Media has completed a study to identify key lifestyle and belief variations amongst mums with children under 5. As a result they have divided mums into 6 different groups. Insights were then gathered to identify bespoke communications strategies for clients to maximise reach and engagement with appropriate groups.

Wednesday 29th March 2017

12.00 pm   Sara Ludlam

Sara Ludlam - 3Volution

Turning Clever Innovations into Commercial Successes

It’s all very well coming up with a clever new product idea, but getting it to market before other companies get wind and copy your design can often be a challenge. Registering designs too early can lead to duplication of costs and there is also the question of patents.

For any aspiring entrepreneur, this is a must attend seminar as Sara will explain the ins and outs of patents, copyright, trademarks and registered designs and how they can make all the difference between commercial success or failure.

12.30 pm   Phil Staunton

Phil Staunton - D2M

Turning your good idea into a profitable product

As well as protecting your idea you're also going to need to ensure that it is developed for your target market, prototyped and is both branded and packaged to establish appeal for customers and retail buyers.

During the seminar Phil will take you through the process using case studies of award winning products from previous years at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair.

If you have a new product idea for the nursery sector this seminar will help you manage the risks and improve your chances of a successful launch.

2.00 pm   Harriett Shearsmith

Harriet Shearsmith - Toby & Roo

Using Social media to maximise your business and working with influencers

Toby & Roo is a parenting blog and social media powerhouse which reaches over 1 million people every month. Voted the Number 1 Baby & Toddler blogger in the UK, Harriet has worked with major clients from Amazon to Water Babies and even gives talks to other influencers on how to maximise Instagram where she holds over 60,000 highly engaged followers.

In this session, you’ll learn how to utilise and maximise social media in order to reach your target audience from Instagram to Facebook, find out how to use each network and work with social influencers to grow your brand.

Points highlighted include:

  • Why use social media?
  • Which network is which and how to maximise each
  • What is an influencer and why should you work with one?
  • How to work with an influencer

Thursday 30th March 2017

10.00 am   Sara Ludlam

Athena Gong - Children, Baby and Materenity Industry Expo (CBME China)

Unlock the doors to China's booming child, baby and maternity market

Are you looking for new ways to boost your sales? Do you need to expand and grow your business beyond your borders?

China is the second largest consumer market in the world next to the United States. Market size of China's baby and maternity products & services industry reached US$326 billion in 2015. With the government's abolition of the one-child policy, this number is expected to grow.

This seminar will offer a market overview of China's baby products and offer insights on the purchase behaviour and trends of the Chinese consumer. The seminar will also introduce the various distribution channels in China and sharing case studies on the best practices to enter the Chinese market and allow you to understand better on working with Chinese partners.